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Bunditwit Thai Language School (BLS)

Bunditwit was established in 2007 with the goal of providing professional Thai Language Learning to foreigners. It doesn’t matter where you are from, You can certainly learn to speak Thai If you come to study with us!

30 years of experience

30 years of experience

Our highly-qualified Thai teachers, with over 30 years' experience of teaching Thai to foreigner students.

Proven method

Proven method

We use a tried, tested and time-proven method of teaching based on the concept of “immersion” training to help you...

flagOur Thai Courses

    • Module 1
    • This is a highly enjoyable module to participate on, ideal for people who have little or no knowledge of spoken Thai :)

    • Module 2
    • Continue to build up your vocabulary and skills in basic Thai conversation.

    • Module 3, 4
    • The basics of reading and writing lessons will enable students to concentrate on the new skills of reading and writing, new vocabulary will be kept to a minimum

    • Module 5
    • Introduces you to more advanced sentence structures, vocabulary and subject matter.

    • Module 6
    • Final module in the course designed to give you a good foundation in spoken and written Thai which will allow you to engage in conversations with native speakers comfortably and with confidence!


BLS is approved by the the Ministry of Education (Thailand) as a Thai language school. With recently introduced visa regulations, an increasing number of our students are opting to apply for a “Student Visa”.

Full details of visa requirements can be found at the Thai Government’s website at We are happy to discuss with students the requirements for visa application support on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Thai Language, A Tonal Language

You might already have heard that Thai is a “tonal” language and, we know from experience, some students find this a little intimidating at first. This, however, need not be so. The Thai language uses five tones namely; Normal , Low, Falling, High and Rising. In Thai the tone in which a syllable is pronounced determines its meaning.

For example, if we were to choose the sound “Maa” in Thai, determined by one of three tones we use, we could be saying ‘Horse’, ‘Come’, or ‘Dog’.

About Thai Language

Our Students Said..

  • Mr.Jonathan Muyal, French

    Mr.Jonathan Muyal, French

    BLS" it's a very good school where you can get good knowledge about the Thai culture and learn to speak read and...

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  • Mrs.Yong Ja Shin, Korean

    Mrs.Yong Ja Shin, Korean

    Teachers know well about student deficiency in Thai. So they can help improve students' language ability...

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  • Mr.Yong Cheol Seo, Korean

    Mr.Yong Cheol Seo, Korean

    Teachers know well about student deficiency in Thai. So they can help improve students' language ability...

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  • Dr.Pieter Jan Hoek, Dutch

    Dr.Pieter Jan Hoek, Dutch

    Learning Thai requires significant time and effort hence it is very important that the learning atmosphere at school...

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  • Mrs. Kanako Kita, Japanese

    Mrs. Kanako Kita, Japanese

    I like this school because our school isn't big too much. The atmosphere is warm. Studying Thai is sometime very...

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  • J.A.Murphy, Irish

    J.A.Murphy, Irish

    I first thought of learning some spoken Thai to 'get by' ordering food or giving directions to taxi drivers. I ended...

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  • Miss.Debra Holonitch, American

    Miss.Debra Holonitch, American

    The teachers are relentless in working hard to prepare us for the P.6 examination. This is a great place to improve...

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  • Mrs.Insook Choi, Korean

    Mrs.Insook Choi, Korean

    When I change school I worried very much. Is it good choice or not. But after I have studied here I'm really...

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  • Mrs.Ayako Tokunaga, Japanese

    Mrs.Ayako Tokunaga, Japanese

    I am very happy studying at BLS. The teachers understand what the students need and the very best way to teach us....

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  • Mrs.Takako Tahara, Japanese

    Mrs.Takako Tahara, Japanese

    With experienced teachers familiarized with a tried and tested teaching method. I believe BLS is the best school to...

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  • Mrs.Eriko Okuyama, Japanese

    Mrs.Eriko Okuyama, Japanese

    If you study in this school, you will be surprised that you can improve your Thai language skill dramatically....

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  • Dr.Alexander Walkhoff, German

    Dr.Alexander Walkhoff, German

    The BLS manages to unify a well-structured extensive teaching concept with a friendly and pleasant ambiance, which...

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  • Mr.Jireh John Nono

    Mr.Jireh John Nono

    Hi, I am Jireh from Philippine, I'm studying in BLS for four months already. When I study for the first month I...

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  • Miss Armelle Paquicr from Paris, France

    Miss Armelle Paquicr from Paris, France

    Thank you so much for the patience, kindness and expertise of the teachers. Leaning Thai at BLS was a great...

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  • Alexis Nowotny from South Dakota, USA

    Alexis Nowotny from South Dakota, USA

    I have really enjoyed learning Thai at the Bunditwit Thai Lanuage School. The stratiges that are used at BLS really...

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  • Miss Li Jiwei (Kimi)

    Miss Li Jiwei (Kimi)

    BlS School is an excellent language school. Students from different countries are studying Thai here. We do not...

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  • Miss Natsuki Ito

    Miss Natsuki Ito

    I can't speak Thai &English. Only Japanese. But this school is very good. Easy to understand. Teachers are using...

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  • Mrs. Toyoko Lijima

    Mrs. Toyoko Lijima

    I'm studying BLS from very beginner level since I came to Bangkok . Here is 13 month's result. I don't have trouble...

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