In-Company Training

We have a wide range of modules available to be delivered by our teaching staff as in-company training.
We also provide custom designed courses, developed with your own specific needs and requirements in mind.
Please contact us to discuss your needs!

Introduction to Spoken Thai
This module covers basic spoken Thai and includes much of the material covered in our module 1 course. Numbers, directions, days of the week, question words are covered on the course.

Introduction to Business Thai
Introduction to a business vocabulary, presentation formats in Thai, giving instructions, writing business letters. Participants should, ideally, have studied at least to module 6 levels.

Thai for Social Occasions
This module covers vocabulary useful in many everyday social occasions; meeting and greeting people, ordering food, buying goods etc.

Thai for Meetings and Presentations
This intensive module focuses on preparing and presenting a business presentation. The module also covers the vocabulary and etiquette appropriate to conducting business meetings.

Custom Designed Courses
We are happy to work with you in developing training solutions that met your specific Company needs. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.