At BLS we use a tried, tested and time-proven method of teaching based on the concept of “immersion” training. Originally developed to provide missionaries with the means of gaining language fluency in a relatively short period of time, our course has been adapted over the years and refined to meet the needs of modern students.

From day one of module one our students start to speak Thai. Students, whatever their ability, are encouraged to use Thai as much and as often as possible. This even includes during ’coffee break’ times when it is common to hear students talking to each other not in their native language but in Thai. Indeed, with students coming from such a diverse range of countries, Thai becomes the common language of conversation at school.

In the classroom we use materials and lessons that not only increase students vocabulary and knowledge of Thai modes of speech, but also incorporate interesting and valuable insights into Thai culture, traditions and customs.

As students progress through the various modules, particularly from Module 3 onwards, homework assignments take on increasing importance. These too are designed to both reinforce the classroom lessons and to provide opportunities for the student to gain confidence in expressing themselves through the medium of Thai.

At BLS our motto is “Professional Teaching—Fun Learning” . We take pride in and truly enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience in delivering professional Thai language training. We also value and appreciate the contribution of our students to making the learning experience a rewarding and enjoyable one. Laughter, a sense of fun and comradeship are common features that students comment on when they have studied with us and we look forward to that atmosphere continuing on into the future.