Buses Travel

Inter-city bus services offer a fast means of transport to all corners of the country. Air-conditioned buses service many provincial areas and bookings for both regular and tour coaches (private companies) can be made through major hotels and travel agents, or at the following bus terminals:

Northern Bus Terminal : Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok Tel: 0-2936-2852-66 ext. 614
Eastern Bus Terminal : Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok. Tel: 0-2391-6846, 0-2391-2504
Northeastern Bus Terminal : Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok Tel: 0-2936-2852-66 ext.605
Southern Bus Terminal : Boromratchchonnani Rd, Bangkok Tel: 0-2435-1200, 0-2435-1199
Central Bus Terminal : Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok Tel: 0-2936-2841-8 ext.311
The government bus company, calledBor Kor Sor (BKS), provides the cheapest mode for getting around Thailand. Being frequent and reliable, no advance booking is necessary. Both air-conditioned ones and open-aired ones stop almost everywhere along their route, with the latter being the cheapest and slowest.

Advices for tourists regarding travelling on the state buses.
- Buy the bus ticket at the state bus terminal which has this symbol.
- Remember plate number, coach's number and keep the tickets with you in case you have problem.
- Keep your valuables safety all the travelling programmes such as credit cards, traveler's checks and passport.
- For emergency or you need assistance, inform the nearest police officer or call Tourist Police (1155) immediately.
- Please check your belongings before getting off the bus.